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Know how your engineering and operations can benefit from migration to the this latest cloud technology: Serverless.
Learn about Serverless

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Learn how Lyrid will be able to accelerate the development of your services and applications by get to know the advantages of Serverless features on Lyrid.
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Lyrid allows you to build your applications and services using serverless in minutes.
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Core Function

Lyrid Multi-Cloud Serverless Computing Platform.



Run application anywhere seamlessly, anytime and on any infrastructure without compromising operational visibility



Enabling instant global deployment distribution that is integrated with your engineering toolset



Build your next generation mission critical application to test ideas faster and cost efficiently



Security is the heart of the protocol



Open API, SDK and fair cloud consumption pricing model and control

How Does Native Multi-Cloud Serverless Work?

Here's how


Create an account with our platform by registering your email above.

Our free platform is currently on a closed invite system to be able to control and provide a consistent experience.

We are working hard to make this open for everyone. After the registration, we will send you an invite code, command line client download link, along with the quick start guide to complete your registration.


Use our Client to initialize your functions (no target serverless platform necessary) and Lyrid YAML definition defines the structure and application definitions to get you started building function on any one of this supported programming languages.


Deploy into our platform using our easy to use REST API or Command Line Interface or our SDK integration.

We provide front-end integrations to consume serverless function for the same programming languages as our backend, along with additional front-end languages like Javascript.



Our deployment platform powered with machine learning along with your policy will determines where your function will be deployed and run.

Cost efficiency based policy will allow you to utilize all the resources that you have on different clouds.

Performance based policy will allow your end user to always be routed to the nearest serverless datacenter to minimize latency.

Choose the policy that is best suited for your business operation.


Use our management interface to manage your functions. Monitor cost, performance, latency, errors and logs for different serverless applications and deployments on different cloud platforms.

Request for a preview for our platform and register for free.

Send us your email, and we will get back to you to start your serverless journey with us!

Features and Benefits

Code Once

Write your serverless code once. Lyrid will create different builds for various serverless cloud provider.

ML-Policy Driven

Deploy your code using policies that is driven by a platform that knows where to best run your function based on the criteria that is important to you (performance/cost).

Flexible Deployment and Execution

Deploy and run serverless code on your terms on any cloud, anywhere, even on-premise inside your datacenter.

Function Delivery Network

Deliver your serverless applications or services from a single region to high performance global deployment seamleassly.

Consistent Off-load Build

Create your Lyrid builds of your serverless functions in our build pipeline. Reducing the load to build the function on your infrastructure.

Global Function End-point

Single function endpoint for serverless function that is driven by your execution. Our platform, along with your policy will determine where the function is executed.

Build Repository

Lyrid provides repository of revisions for your builds. We don't require your to run docker registry or S3 bucket to store your build.

Secured Communication

All Lyrid communication utilizes AES-256 over HTTPS, your serverless code is encrypted by default.

Simple CLI

Download our simple and free Command Line Interface to start building your serverless services and applications.

Web Interface

Single pane of glass interface to manage all your serverless function code, deployment, and policies for all cloud vendor.


Catch errors in your deployment early. Lyrid propagate errors from all cloud vendors.


Setup alerting in Lyrid management user interface to be notified and be the first to know for any anomalies in your application or service.

Security Access Control

Set different access for different users. Allow your developers to have access to create application and your operations to manage the deployment.


Our interface is easily integrated into your existing CI/CD toolchain to manage your deployment and releases.


Use our integration to assist with your development. Let us know about your next idea and we will help you create your awesome application using serverless.